Tuesday, March 21, 2017

GoDaddy to use Github pages

Recently I setup my personal site www.joymononline.in to point to GitHub pages. The domain registration is still with GoDaddy but the hosting space is no more required from GoDaddy. Infact that was eating good amount of cost involved in maintaining the site.

How to configure GoDaddy to use GitHub pages is already a solved problem. There are many sites which explains the same. Below are some.


Why this post?

The IP addresess

One of my confusion was about the IP addresses mentioned in those posts. Are those still valid?Some posts are written in 2015. Fortunately those are still valid.

GoDaddy Records

Another place I was little confused was about setting up A records. There were some A records. Instead of deleting all, I just modified to have GitHub IPs.
Also some sites talk about 2 IP addresses to be added via 2 different A records but some talks about only 1. I had updated 2 records and the site got up with GitHub pages in couple of mins.


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