Current tech activities

Last update: 2020-06-15


  • Seriously
    • Containers, Kubernetes
    • Azure Architecture
    • Enterprise architecture
    • AZ 300 certification
    • Linux environment
  • Just to know
    • WebAssembly
    • IoT boards such as Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU
  • Planned
    • Python, Go, Clojure

Reading (Full List)

  • Concurrency in .Net


  • Series on Home NAS (Network Attached Storage)

The year 2020 goals

The post  about 2020 Goals
  • Focus on cloud computing, containers & Kubernetes.
  • The big thing would be an attempt to present a topic in a public event conducted by Microsoft user groups.
    • Pending due to Covid-19. With 2 kids presenting online is tough
  • Pass the AZ-300 certification.
    • Exam pending due to Covid-19
  • Linux - mainly for the container world. At least change home machine to Linux
    • Bought Raspberry Pi. The home machine magically faster after disconnecting external monitor!!!
  • Taste the feel of real micro-services and serverless in at least one application.
  • Learn more and more enterprise practices. Including infrastructure concerns to understand how to run production systems than just building those.
  • Continue making 1 blog post per week.
    • Never missed till date
  • At least 25% posts to be videos.
    • Only 4 as of 2020-06-17 out of 13 planned
  • At least 10% posts to external sites such as CodeProject, DZone CSharpCorner, etc..
    • Zero out of 5
  • Monthly 1-2 hours to personal projects
    • Released more versions of DotNet.Helpers and Orchestrator nugets
    • Enabled HTTP(s) on HTTPs://
  • Some experiments with IoT boards.

Previous learning

  • HTML 5
  • Hadoop
  • TypeScript
  • Angular

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