Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Architecture of JoymonOnline - Serverless

This can be considered as continuation of 3 old posts.

The first post, talks about the architecture of my personal site JoymonOnline.in. Other posts explains about new software architecture trend called Serverless and the conversion of my site towards Serverless architecture. 

This post explains the new architecture.

Architecture of Serverless JoymonOnline.in


Hope the diagram is pretty much self explanatory. Its going to be pure client side single page application (SPA). In other words there is no page refresh when user goes to different view. 

The domain is going to be continued with Godaddy. But the hosting will be done inside Github pages, which is free. When we say Github hosting is free, it comes with limitations and quotas. But for my personal site those limits are not going to hit at least for some years :). It clearly tells that for a different person who is really famous the limits will come into play. So Github pages is not the silver bullet for hosting.


Once the client browser gets the static site(html,js & css) from Github, it becomes active by bootstrapping Angular components. It calls required services present in external systems for data. Most of these external systems are already mentioned in my previous post. After the data retrieval, the JavaScript updates the DOM with the help of AngularJS framework. The Angular JS version is 1.x used and there is a blog post explaining why 1.x is selected when Angular 2 is out.

Future candidates

  • Azure Function - For Github & Blogger API due to anonymous quota limits.


  • No cost to host web site. Just the domain registration. Most of the services are free.
  • No need to license development tools. For  ASP.Net, Visual Studio community edition don't have much features.


  • Multiple points of failure - Earlier, if JoymonOnline.in domain was accessible entire site works. But now all the domains of external systems should be accessible from the client machine which is not possible in all places.
  • More dependencies - Has to monitor what changes in external systems and has to maintain accordingly.
  • JavaScript restriction - Some browsers (inside some companies) might be still blocked to download JavaScript and execute.
Note - As of today (14Mar2017), the redirection for the site from Godaddy to Github pages to serve site has not done. But the site is up and running in Github pages joymon.github.io.

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