Tuesday, January 25, 2022

PowerShell to list all the IIS Web Applications using IISAdministration

When it comes to automating Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server there are multiple choices. One with Appcmd command and the other with PowerShell. In PowerShell itself, there are different modules to manage. The WebAdministration is the legacy and IISAdministration is modern. More on that was written in a previous post about "Change recycle settings of IIS AppPools using PowerShell & appcmd.exe"

Let us get into the business of this post


There is an existing system that uses the on-premises model for hosting web applications. Windows Server 2019 + IIS is the hosting model. As the first step to the cloud, these servers were lifted and shifted to the Azure. Now to reduce the cost and time to market of course to improve the developer agility the IaaS model needs to be upgraded to containers. AKS is the preferred choice as it is in Azure. As part of the analysis and capacity planning the # of containers needs to be evaluated from the existing IIS-based deployment model.  ie count the web applications in IIS.

So this post is about listing all the web applications inside IIS web server that are spread across different IIS websites.


Since the last post about IIS automation was using WebAdministration, I thought of going with IISAdministration this time as it's the latest to replace the former.

Hope the code is self-explanatory. If the above embedding is not working please check the GitHub file.

Enjoy scripting...

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