Thursday, October 21, 2021

[Video] Configuring container environment variables for ASP.Net WebAPI hosted inside Kubernetes on Docker Desktop

This is the second video in the Kubernetes series. Actually, when I started vlogging, I had decided that I will make short videos of max 5 minutes. But unfortunately, I was not able to stick to that. Here onwards I am planning to stick with my time limit. 

What is new?

We have to configure applications based on the environment it runs. It is not different for containerized applications running in Kubernetes. This video is showing how to configure the environment variables for the containers.

It uses an ASP.Net Core WebAPI application that returns the environment variable name when invoked with the name. It uses .Net 5 and basic YAML to deploy to Kubernetes that is running on Docker Desktop using WSL2 as a backend.

No more details. Please watch the video below.


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