Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Skype v/s Visual Studio - Pair programming via Skype for business meeting

Last week I was doing a pair programming session with a colleague which works from the other part of the globe. The screen sharing was done through 'Skype for Business'. It was about a generic retry mechanism to be used with Azure KeyVault. Not like the retry code which is already available, we have to get the renewed key from Azure KeyVault in certain scenarios.

I was sharing screen. When ever we are in the intense debate and I do some code change the screen sharing gets lost. I continue with my arguments if the change tried was proposed by me and when I ask why you are silent, other guy tells he lost sharing. It happened  4-5 times when we were trying the changes proposed by me. Then I started thinking what my colleague may having thinking about the screen sharing. Will he be thinking that I am intentionally cutting the screen share? Never because we knew each other for long and we know how software from Microsoft works.

When it get frustrated, we decided to investigate on this. If we cannot solve our computer problem how can we solve others problem with computer? Step by step retries couple of times revealed the root cause.

Root cause

Its Ctrl+Shift+S short cut. As a practice from college where the computers were desktops and power may go at anytime, I used to save immediately after typing something. It continuing now also in the era of using laptops or even mobiles for programming. The short cut in Skype for Business to end screen sharing is also Ctrl+Shift+S.

The real solution is to depend on the Ctrl+Shift+B for building which saves all the files. But really its difficult to change.


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