Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What is wasb(s) protocol for accessing Azure blob storage

WASB Protocol

I didn't get a chance to study wasb(s) protocol before I had to use it for HDInsight related tasks. So it was trial and error in the initial time. That lead me to take a decision to write detailed post on the wasb protocol since it helps us especially when we are Hadoop in Azure world.

But before writing, thought of googling for similar work. Why should there be one more post in the internet with same content? The results were interesting. Below are the links explaining what is wasbs protocol for accessing Azure storage blob.


But these were not answering all the questions I had. So decided to add those here.

Can .Net access the wasbs:// url

.Net really don't need to access Azure blob storage via wasbs protocol. It can access via SDK using corresponding object model. Or it can access using https protocol.


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