Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Explaining what is full stack web application development to kids

Let me try explaining full stack web development to kid..

Ask the kid "have you ever thought how the food is coming to your table?" Kid may probably say No.
Lets explain him how its coming.

We goes to the store to buy the food in our car. We ask them for the vegetables, fruits, etc...

Where do they get it from?
They go to whole sale distributors or warehouses with their big trucks.

Where do they get it from ? They collect it from farmers. Farmers produce the food.
Some grocery stores directly gets from farmers.

The web works in similar fashion.
We ask the web page from browser. Browser ask it to the web server.

Web server ask to the database servers or any caching services in between. Once the content is available in browser it renders for us.

Here browser is your mom.
Our Car -> Boradband connection to the web server/site.
Grocery store -> Web server
Grocery trucks -> Big internet backbones
Farmers -> database server
Distributors -> Caching / CDN servers.

Look at your grand parents living in countryside. They do farming. They stock those for yearlong. They take from storage whenever needed and cook themselves. They feed us whenever we go there. They does everything.

There are programmers who can develop end to end just like your grand parents. They really do full stack web application development.

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