Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Karel source hosted to Github

2 years back, I have created a educational tool called Karel in Javascript. The idea was not at all mine. I just visualized the idea in Javascript only as part of learning HTML5 canvas. The idea was to publish the source in some open source public repository. But unfortunately that missed from my attention.

Recently I could see a repo which is based on my Karel. There the language is changed to Czech and used Jison parser. I really don't know what is that Jison parser. He might have done some work to extract the code from the application page. It will never be easy as forking from Github.

It really made me to publish the code in open source space as soon as possible. In case somebody needs to do something on top of it, they should be able to jump start in couple of clicks.

Here is the repo in Git


I am planning to convert Karel to TypeScript. TypeScript really gives a feel that we can develop big maintainable applications in Javascript.

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