Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Integrating Facebook comments into our custom application

This is already solved problem or there are many articles out there which help us to integrate FB comments into our apps. I have never tried it myself before though I had given details to other developers on how simple it is. Since nobody came back with any issue I thought its very simple. Still there was some doubt in my mind about its simplicity. That I just cleared when I integrated it to one of my personal app called Online Prayer Book.

We completed our personal prayer book when our son torn the physical book apart and there was no way to get the Malayalam version of that book in United States. When I say we my wife was also part of the development. That's a unique & great experience. Another motivation was to learn Angular.JS as my day job was not allowing me to use any open source technologies.

The language of prayer is Malayalam.

Below is the link which I used to integrate FB comments integration.

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