Monday, June 2, 2014

Project Type GUIDs - Why I am not able to open some project files in VS?

Sometime back I got a solution from one of my research team mate. That was related to using Roslyn for improving coding experience in Visual Studio. It was working fine until I got new machine from new office. The error is famous as the VS. All the .Net developers will be familiar with the below error message.

The sad thing is VS doesn't tell that which project type is missing. Either we need to ask the creator what he meant, or look at his blog to get details. In my case he is in our offshore team and as of my knowledge he don't have any blog. At least if the VS tells that, this is the project type you are missing we could install it easily. 

So now what can I do?

Finding out Visual Studio project type from project file.

  • Open the .csproj / .vbproj file in a text editor (notepad.exe)
  • Find out the <ProjectTypeGuids> tag
  • Then google the GUIDs present in the element, if you have internet access.
  • Once the project type is known install that feature. eg: If its ASP.Net MVC install MVC
  • There are some web site where people keep a list of Project Type GUIDs and corresponding project type.

But I don't think Microsoft is providing any list. Its very sad.

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Joy George said...

Below is the error I got when I don't have the VS2013 SDK installed in the machine but tried to create Roslyn extension project.

The project file 'C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp\p14yh1ms.xd1\Temp\Roslyn_VS2013Ext.vbproj' cannot be opened.

There is a missing project subtype.
Subtype: '{82b43b9b-a64c-4715-b499-d71e9ca2bd60}' is unsupported by this installation.