Monday, March 3, 2014

Cloud based VisualStudio Online TFS - Some recipes to work with it

I started using Microsoft's FREE cloud based Visual Studio Online TFS when my company's TFS server got crashed and the situation continued for couple of weeks. Since we were doing some research projects, we didn't feel the source is something must be kept in company TFS. Only problem we faced was the number of team members are limited in free TFS Cloud account. But since most of us were not actively participating in the development, we were able to live with 5 people tfs team.

Now the in-house TFS is up and I am in the process of moving the source to company tfs. I moved one project and then thought of deleting it from my personal cloud tfs. Since the TFS online  is new, it was little difficult to find help. Actually its not about finding help. Its about the user experience of Visual Studio online portal. If the user experience is good, the presense of help documents doesn't matter. But it seems the team has done good job in updating MSDN with the help. Since the direct google doesn't give the links, I thought of posting the same here. So below are some common tasks and how it can be done if we are using Visual Studio Online TFS.

Visual Studio Online, TFS Online, Cloud based TFS are all same. If you want can start creating your own team projects by signing into with your live id.

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