Monday, January 27, 2014

Programming for daily life - Introduction to programming

It was my great ambition to take a training to non programmers about programming. I had taken training sessions to programmers about various languages and technologies. When I talk to programmers mostly I feel that I and the audience are in same frequency. I was always wondering, what will be the experience if I explain "what is programming" to non-programmers such as HR team,Admin team, QA team, UI team etc... Recently in my company I got a chance to conduct such as session. We named it as "Programming for daily life" and split into 3 sessions.

  • Introduction
  • Debugging
  • More on scripting (Office automation using Excel,Word etc...)
Due to 3 rescheduling of first session itself, there were not may attendees. But I believe they got something. At least what is program, who is programmer and his duties and how a program is executed in machine. This was one of the training I got satisfaction as a trainer. The ppt I used is attached below. If you are not able to view it go directly to the slideshare.

I am really interested to take the session again and again.


Sanjay George said...

I don't mean to be negative, but I think your session should be termed 'Rethinking Programming as Everyday Mundane Task Scheduling and Decision Making'. The intellectual incapability OR laziness of your audience is what makes them 'non-computer' language programmers aka Sociopaths aka the HR Department. It is the Darwinistically most Probabilistic strategy they can employ for survival. I am probably going to be branded an asshole for life for saying this but I don't give a damn. Most of them must have merely viewed you session as an opportunity for amusement where they can tick off one more box in their checklist of training targets for the year. You - with all sincerity on your part but unintentionally - must have ended up helping them fool themselves into thinking that they are smarter than they really are. If they were serious about it they would not have postponed your session 2 times. Do you think they would have postponed a session on NLP or "Team Building Activity" ?

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