Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My presentation about DSL @ K-MUG user meeting

First time in my 8 years software engineering career, I took a session to public audience. The event was the monthly user meeting of Kerala Microsoft User Group K-MUG community. There were 3 another useful  sessions which were about ASP.Net Web API, CDN via Azure and Using Fiddler.

It was a wonderful experience talking to the audience who comes from different backgrounds and different knowledge levels. Even though everyone uses DSL in one or another form, it was little difficult to make them understand that they are using DSL in their day to day life.

I started by comparing the software engineering with civil engineering in terms of requirement changes during project execution and as a solution to that introduced DSL concept. After explaining the concept along with 2 types internal and external DSL, I moved to using DSL concept in .Net applications. Explained what are the criteria we should consider before selecting a DSL and selected PowerShell as DSL script for a sample.

The sample was the same which I explained in one of my previous post. Explained where the DSL comes into picture in that simple salary calculation sample and showed how the reference to the PowerShell runtime is added.

I believe everyone got the idea of DSL but not the exact idea how they can implement in their project. Feel free to contact me on using DSL in your projects.

Slides has been uploaded to slide share.

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You are awesome man !!!!