Monday, June 10, 2013

"The literal Octal 08 (digit 8) of type int is out of range" Java compiler error

This error came when my wife was doing simple programming in Java using Eclipse IDE. She was trying to do 'number to words conversion' where hard coded int input = 8; can be converted to "Eight" but not int input = 08;

It clearly says the compiler is treating this as octal literal .But this is really new to me as I am more working with C# & VB.Net which don't have this feature. After a google we were able to find the list of supported literals in Java.

Leading 0 - Ocatal eg: 010 -> 8
Leaxing 0x - Hex eg: 0xA -> 10
Leading 0B - Binary eg: 0B11 -> 3 (Supported in latest Java versions >=7)

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