Monday, September 3, 2012

Learn programming interactively in online

Below are some sites which will help you to learn coding interactively by trying out as you learn!!! ie Its not just another video based which we need to watch for long.Rather these sites provide interactive console which allows you to write code and execute in the browser itself. Some of them also provides tracking capability so that you will be confident on what you learnt.

Javascript - (Really good for non-programmers)
Javascript - (Fun learning for non-programmers)
Ruby -
Python -
Lua - (Gives web based interactive console not step by step instructions)
.Net - (This needs Visual Studio)

I really found these interesting as these do't need the long time environment setup to begin with or we will never get into sleep like video tutorials ;-) .Video tutorials are good when we just need to get awareness of the technology .But not good as interactive sites when it comes to becoming experts in the area.

Update 23OCT2012

Another page which lists more sites offers online learning materials both interactive and via videos

Update 22NOV2012

Update 7Feb2015

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