Monday, August 13, 2012

Computer is a Turing machine

Some fact about Turing machine

  • It is a machine which can manipulate data based on instructions given.
  • If a machine can act like or simulate any other Turing machine by accepting different instructions, it is known as Universal Turing Machine.
  • Today’s computers are all works on the above principle except they manipulate data in high speed and parallel.
  • This machine was first described by Alan Turing in 1936.He is known as “Father of computer science”
  • Alan Turing described the machine using tape and head where the tape contains data and a head can move the tape and modify tape contents according to the rules. The difference with modern computers is tape is replaced by main memory (RAM) and head replaced by Processor.
  • Alan Turing also expected that at some time in future there will be intelligent Turing machines (AI machines) and he suggested a test to prove whether its actually intelligent known as Turing test.
  • The above test  can only be conducted by a human.
  • You can see a small Turing machine in action online here.

This is a must have knowledge for every software engineer to create better machine friendly applications.

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