Monday, April 30, 2012

Use actual Android phone instead of Emulator

Every time when I had entered into mobile application development the biggest challenge was how to transfer the application from the emulator development environment to the actual mobile phone. In Windows Phone 7 too moving developed app to phone is little difficult as we need a developer unlocked phone or developer account. But I think it is far more easier than moving an iPhone application from development environment to actual iPhone for testing purpose.

But in Android things are very easy .Just follow the below steps

  • Connect your phone via USB
  • Make sure the USB Debugging is enabled in Settings -> Application Settings -> Development
  • Start the application from Eclipse. It will ask you which device to use. Select your phone.

That's it .Your first Android application is in your Android phone. Even if you disconnect the USB the app will be present in phone. I have my first HelloWorld application in my Samsung Galaxy Y even till now.

My environment is Win 7 32 bit and has the software in the phone CD installed. It worked without any issue. Heard that there may be some issues with drivers and all. So check the below detailed link, if you face any issue in debugging in Phone.

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