Monday, May 14, 2012

ASP.Net MVC 3 : ActionResult to return primitive data type as view

There were some requirements couple of weeks back which needs to return 'true' or 'false' from a MVC action based on some conditions say user has alreay registered or not. I first searched for any built-in PrimitiveResult in MVC 3 framework. But not able to find suitable one. Tried to write one myself. But before that I thought I should check for any other way to avoid reinvention of the wheel :-). That made me start digging about the ViewResult where we can return anything without type checking. Yes that worked and below are the steps to have a ViewResult which returns primitive types as string.

Action which returns the ViewResult with the primitive type as model

Just look at the code

        public ActionResult TestPrimitiveResult(string id)
            //This action just returns the input param as it is .You can have your own processing.
            double resultDouble;
            bool resultBool;
            ActionResult result;
            //Uses primitive type as model.
            if (double.TryParse(id, out resultDouble))
                result = View(resultDouble);
            else if (Boolean.TryParse(id, out resultBool))
                result = View(resultBool);
                result = View(id);
            return result;

View which renders the model without master page or any other html element

Had to struggle little bit here as I was not familiar with how to avoid the influence of master page which was mentioned in the _viewstart.cshtml .Its simple..


    //Removes the effect of master page.
    Layout = null;
@*Returns the primitive data value*@

Now I am almost in a stage like any other MVC developer who thinks Asp.Net web application should be done through MVC ASP.Net web application => ASP.Net MVC.
Happy coding...

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