Saturday, March 24, 2012

Opening copied Android project in Eclipse

If you are working with the Eclipse tool for years, you will laugh at this .But this is for the developers like me who came to Eclipse from Visual Studio. In VSTS its very easy we have a .sln file and that cane be directly opened even if we port the project to a new machine or we got a new machine.

The things were not easy for me when I got new Win 7 machine. I backed up every project which were there in my vista machine. Then I setup the Android environment in new machine.Setting up is another big story. There are so many links 1 out there to setup the Android environment. After that when I tried to open my old project I was not able to find any option to open project through menu. ie it lacks File-> Open -> Project or File -> Open Project .Even I was not able to find what is the project file in the folder which I have. There are files with only extension such as .classpath and .project etc...I tried opening that but no chance.

While creating new project there is an option called "Create project from existing source" ie File -> New -> Android Project. I tried that but it said

"An Eclipse project already exists in this directory. Consider using File > Import > Existing Project instead"

Got another clue .I need to import old project. Then I tried that way .It first needed a workspace and when I created a workspace things started working.Thanks God...

Now I really understood why most of the Java training courses include more sessions on "How to use Eclipse?" where .Net teaches you about the language and framework without more importance to VS.

1 See the below links in order to setup environment.

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