Saturday, February 11, 2012

Format code and paste to blog

Life was running smoothly when I used windows live writer for writing posts which need to have code snippets in it. It has a very good plug-in for pasting almost all types of code snippets.

On a fine day I became conscious about security of my google account and enabled mobile validation for login. The issues started from then. The live writer don't know how to handle the accounts which has mobile verification activated.Thus the live writer started failing to publish posts to Not able to publish posts from live writer to blogger after enabling mobile verification in google accounts.

There are various ways to overcome this. Or I can still use live writer for writing posts and before publishing I can take the html code and just paste in blogger site. But that will not give the flexibility of storing the drafts in the online system. There are chances that the local system may crash at any time which may lose all our works. So better option is to find out alternative to format the code snippet to paste into posts and keep the drafts in blogger itself.

There are mainly 2 options to do this

There are chances the links may broke, if you upload the code and share the link because the provider may stop the service at any time.Also the code belongs to them.

These are the sites which I am using. If you want to explore more sites like this use the similar site search providers.

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