Friday, March 4, 2011

Agile methodology v/s My School days

Don’t take this as too serious. This just my effort to compare my Agile software development experience with my school days.

As you know Agile is comparatively new methodology in the software industry and everybody is rushing towards that.Its well suited for small projects where all the members can collaborate with out much efforts.I am working using Agile methodology for the last 4 years and I love it when applied to small projects.As its incremental process which cares more about individuals and frequent customer deliveries ,it feels to me funny sometimes and similar to my school days.Lets look what are the similarities?

When I was failing in the subjects,I usually receives advices that “At least you need to pass in all the examinations.Its very shame to us” Developer: We cannot complete this project with in 2 weeks.
Manager : Guys we are using Agile. I know its hard.But at least deliver the UI to the users.
When I managed to pass in all the subjects,the advice changes “These marks are not enough to a job.Get first class with 80%.” Developer: You have asked only for the UI, not the functionality.So you can’t expect right behavior on button click.
Manager: No no.When we give a release it should have the functionality,otherwise what the customer can do with this application.
When I forgot my games for studies and got first class they said “You need to strive for perfection.See the other guys who got university Ranks” When developers stretched whole nights and made the application functional
Manager:This application has lot of memory leaks and performance issues.You should have considered this while developing.
When I got 98 out of 100,They shouted “Where are the 2 marks?” When the developers forgot their families and fixed all the memory leaks and performance issues.
Manager : What a useless code is this? This code doesn’t have any comments and not following our coding guidelines.

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