Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to get the method name inside same method programmatically

You may find it waste.Why somebody need to find out the name of the method by writing code inside the same method? But I have a scenario where I need to find out who is calling one method inside it. In other words from a method’s perspective I need to know who (method name ,class & assembly)called me and based on that I want to do some actions.Something like prevent calls from some particular classes & assemblies.

Still I didn’t get any luck in this.But during the google I found out another thing. How to know the name of the method through the code written inside the same. It was interesting to me and here are the 2 ways.

static void PrintMyName()
Console.WriteLine(new StackFrame(0).GetMethod().Name);

This will display the method name to which the code belongs “PrintMyName”.

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