Monday, November 22, 2010


I am hearing about HTML5 & CSS3 for a quite long time but not able to try it out.Today I got a chance to play around with HTML5.As always I started with platform to run ie what are the browsers supporting HTML 5.I got a good list .

Table of browsers supporting HTML5 & CSS3 and their versions.

In this above table I recommend Chrome.Then I started for editors.But I was not able to find a good one as it is a new technology.But there is one online editor which I feel ok for starters. – Online HTML 5 editor

My next search was to find out what is new in these.I got another list from my favorite site W3Schools.

Among the list of new things, I struck with the most attractive and useful tag which is nothing but Canvas.Its a drawing surface where we can draw shapes using javascript.There are so many things we can achieve through canvas.Hope I can share that later.