Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Open source .Net Projects

Links to open souce projects in .Net especially in C#

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

My software development tools

List of small tools which I am using for software development.All are free...


NameDescriptionDownload link
FireBugFirefox extension for debugging HTML and CSS.Supports runtime changing of valuesFirebug
ReflectorA .Net decompiler.This helps to analyze ,browse and extract .net assemblies.Reflector
SnoopA debugger for WPF applications. It helps to analyze the current status of WPF application including events by attaching itself to any running WPF app. We can change the values using this to see effectsSnoop
Silverlight spyThis is a runtime debugger for Silverlight applicationsSilverlight spy
FiddlerA network traffic monitoring tool.Shows all your request response datas including https traffic.Fiddler
.Net ProfilerA free tool from Microsoft to profile .Net applications..Net Profiler
Process MonitorTool to monitor the activities of a process such as file access ,registry access etc...Process monitor
Assembly fusion log viewerDisplays the details how many assemblies loaded and their physical location.Easy to identify the assembly not found issues.Net sdk tool

Coding Utilities

NameDescriptionDownload link
Xml StudioHelps to build XPath queriesXML studio
WMI code generatorTool from Microsoft which generates WMI code to manage computer in C# and VB.Net.It helps us to use System.Management namespace easily WMI code generator
RegExrIts a online tool to create regular expressions.RegExr


Name DescriptionDownload link
SQLDBSizeDisplays size usage graphicallySQLDBSize

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to architect your ASP.Net Application

Here goes the links which I have found while architecting ASP.Net applications.It includes developing Business ,DataLayers and different UI patterns.