Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Designing RSS server

Hope you know what is RSS.I was very much confused about the usage of RSS and email even though I was using both in my applications.But in one of my recent application I proved that RSS can replace email in some scenarios.

It was an small web application ,through which one can fill application and sent to a company.But that firm is too smaller to have enough web space !!!.To overcome that hosting issue ,I had searched for free hosting providers and I got so many.Most of them provide php and mysql only.One or two with send mail facility.That too with delayed delivery.Another problem was my lack of knowledge in php.

Since my main issue was to notify upon each request ie on the submission of form,I decided to move with RSS feeds and that in outlook or in any other feed reader they can subscribe to the feed and get notified as soon as anyone complete filling and submit form.We decided to host in which provides a good free hosting facility for

Application design

The application gets the user inputs through the webform and stores in the database.It also has a feed url which retrieves and serves the user entered data from database.
The monitoring person can subscribe to the feed and contact the user immediately.

What I Learned
  1. We can implement web applications with notifications in free.
  2. Scope of RSS in web applications.
  1. ASP.Net Implementation- Linglom

  2. Wha is RSS ? and specs